Brand Guidelines

The Brand Guidelines contain information regarding all Word of Life branding, messaging, and style guidelines. All brand promises and descriptive messaging are found in this guide. All approved guidelines for logos, fonts, colors, and layout are also specified.

It is our policy to have one recognizable look for our organization; to that end, all marketing and communication materials--whether printed or in media form--must adhere to these guidelines.


Logos and Artwork

The Word of Life logo, including all variations and derivative artwork, is trademarked and proprietary.

Word of Life Staff and contractors must use the logos and artwork per the Word of Life Marketing Brand Guidelines.

Outside entities should not be directed to this site but may be provided the graphic packages under the following circumstances:

  • Churches and youth groups may use the logo and images on printed and media material in conjunction with their participation in Word of Life events and programs.
  • Partners, sponsors, and venues (such as arenas and festivals) may use Word of Life artwork in conjunction with collaborative events, marketing efforts, partnerships, or advertising agreements.

Please review the ‘Logo’ section of the Style and Brand Guidelines for additional information.

Brand Messaging

All Word of Life official brand messaging is outlined in the Style and Brand Guidelines and is used for description and communication about Word of Life Fellowship’s ministries. Please review the ‘Who We Are’ section.

Marketing Materials and Communications

All marketing materials, posters, brochures, letterhead, envelopes, business cards, websites, videos, etc., that are produced to represent Word of Life should follow the Style and Brand guidelines.

All official marketing communications are to be coordinated with and through the Marketing department.

Field communications (from missionaries to constituents, churches, pastors, and supporters) that are conducted directly should adhere to the Style and Brand guidelines and use the artwork available on this site.

Presentation Slides

Word of Life Fellowship Presentation Slides

Business Cards

All business cards must comply with the prescribed format and style and are ordered through Word of Life Print Services. You can find the business card order form here:

Business Cards

Email Signatures

Email Signature Instructions

Primary and Sub-Brand colors:

WOL United States Logos

WOL United States Logos

Davis College Logos

Davis College Logos

WOL International Logos

WOL International Logos